Rennovations: Week 2

Completed (mostly) TV wall It’s the end of the second week of partial PTO, and thus time to call it quits on the reno work. Did we complete everything? Not quite, better luck next January I guess?

Sabriena did complete the bedroom, and it’s come together pretty well. She wants to replace the bedside tables and some of the other furniture with woodgrain stuff (going for a “forest” theme it seems?), but alas both of our tastes are much more expensive than our ability to willingly to spend money, so I can see it being some time before we happen upon something reasonable for a price we want to pay.

It looks pretty great though, other than switching to a dark colour on the wall has highlighted the absolutely terrible job the previous painter did on masking things off… there were white lines everywhere on the woodgrain edging, requiring us to use small art brushes to go over them and now it looks like we can’t paint! Oh well.

After putting up with a couple pieces of recycled sheetrock (that came out of the wall originally), I replaced the last of the ceiling inside the “mud nook” with a complete, single piece of the correct thickness and began mudding it in. Unfortunately, my shoulders cannot take any more overhead sanding, so I slapped some primer over it for now and called it good.

I got the cornice (“crown moulding” in the USA) done around where the bar used to be, and in the process developed even more of an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into being a plasterer. It’s got a couple coats of undercoat on it, and I think if I can have Bunnings have another crack at matching the colors I’ll be able to hide most of my mistakes. At least, if you don’t look too hard at it, it doesn’t stand out any more - and it doesn’t draw your eye to it the way it used to.

In fact that’s basically the takeaway for the entire project… it’s not done, but it’s significantly better, and your eyes aren’t attracted to the flaws like moths to a flame as it was a month ago.

And for the most part, the bits that are left, I can plod along on a weekend here and there, other than the tiling which will have to be done in a single shot, the rest of it is basically I could do a bit here and there.

Pretty happy with the result though, with the caveat of it not being finished.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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