Parenting Win?

SPOTTY WOT! I’m not sure whether we can claim this as a win just yet, but Duncan had the greatest day out ever today. What was on the agenda that thrilled him so much? Shopping at a local Opportunity Shop, where he picked up a pre-loved WotWot, followed by a trip to the South Australia Museum.

The South Australia Museum was absolutely fantastic - my wife has a knack for finding free shit to do in unfamiliar places and this was no disappointment. The gallery of Aboriginal stuff spans three floors, and was quite a bit more fascinating than I thought it’d be since I grew up here. Duncan really enjoyed looking at all the weapons and tools, and the fact that it was on multiple floors with other galleries meant you could meander around through the museum without being bored of one thing.

Rawr They take that to an extreme at times though, as it’s not uncommon to spot pictures of nuclear testing just chucked into the middle of another exhibit, but yeah on the whole it was a great experience for the cost (we also parked about 2km away from the museum in a free 4P parking spot, making the entire outing a very cheap day out).

Our feet were killing us at the end of the day, but it was a whole lot of fun.

I’m still quite excited that our son enjoyed a free day out, and a pre-loved toy that’s not the newest shiny piece of plastic shit to be advertised on TV. I highly doubt it’ll last forever, but we shall see.

Adelaide, SA



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Adelaide, SA

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