Mildura - Rio Vista House

We stopped in Mildura last night, due to the funds available on the credit card running out and the bank being too closed to do anything about it. We looked around for a free place to camp with a toilet, and it turns out outside of skipping back across the river past Buronga, there really isn’t much at all. We ended up sleeping in about the only area we could find that didn’t have a “no overnight parking” sign and calling it a night.

The next morning, while waiting for money issues to be straightened out, we ended up walking through the fabulous Rio Vista House. Built in 1889 by William Chaffey, it’s amazing how much certain parts of it look exactly like my mother in law’s place in Indiana. Various parts of theĀ moldingĀ around doors and so on are near-on identical - but I suppose that’s not terribly surprising.

The house now serves as part of the Mildura Arts Centre, though it’s still free to walk through most of the place (various sections are off limits as pseudo-exhibits, or for safety reasons). There’s certainly an eerie feeling being downstairs, or in the dazzlingly light upstairs bathroom. I was personally disappointed we couldn’t go on the balcony to look out over the fountain and the river, but C’est la vie.

I took the opportunity outside to see how much (if at all) Android’s “PhotoSphere” panoramas had improved, and tragically it appears as though not much (again, if at all).

Rio Vista House Photosphere

Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House Rio Vista House

Mildura VIC 3500, Australia



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Mildura VIC 3500, Australia

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