RIP Xbox 360?

Yesterday, Duncan wanted to play Skate 3… no problem, the Xbox 360 wasn’t hooked up, but it wouldn’t take long to do so. I plugged everything in, turned it on and… uh oh. Red Ring of Death! The bad one too, three lights, “General Hardware Failure”, what the fuck? I don’t know how long the original owners played it, but it wasn’t in terrible shape when I got it, and I immediately blew any and all dust out of it. The unit has probably done about 30 hours work since then, and was unplugged for about the last two or three months.

I tried a few things, to no avail, it looks like it might be dead. I might keep an eye out for a slim instead, I just don’t particularly want to pay $80 for one for what little we played the thing.

This morning, in to EB, and I bought myself a consolation prize: Dead Cells for the Switch. Sabriena’s been playing the shit out of this game, and it looked fun (reminds me a lot of Symphony of the Night), and I like having the physical copies (plus the Switch is portable), so I bought it despite the hefty price premium for the Switch version (nearly double the cost of the Steam version).

I’ve probably got 6 hours in it already!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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