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I must confess, I don’t actually know why we did this.

Sabriena found a pretty good deal on a Playstation 4 at Target, and wanted to go get one. However this resulted in a disagreement of sorts, because she wanted me to want to get one as well, so it would be mutually silly of us instead of one person being silly. In the end I caved and said I wanted one just to end the conversation, so off we went.

The bundle was a pretty good deal, as I had pained over it for a bit before caving - I reasoned that even if we only liked two of the seven games it came with, we were still in front versus buying them. It came with Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet 3, Trials: Fusion, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Rayman: Legends, Drive Club and inFamous: Second Son.

Sabriena adores inFamous, so that was a no-brainer, as was Minecraft for Duncan (which would have been on our purchase list anyway). Drive Club is actually a competent time waster while I wait for Gran Turismo 7 to be released - I just know I’ll wind up giving those assholes my money despite my really lackluster experience with GT6.

I’m sure I’ll warm up to the new machine, but at the moment I’m much more interested in gaming on my PC. The interface is a marked improvement over the PS3 in almost ever aspect to start with, with the possible exception being the massively-horizontal main menu. It does pretty much everything you would have expected the last generation to do: download games in the background, being able to start the game offline while an update is downloading, allowing multiple different PSN accounts to play at once, etc.

The region-lock is a bit of a disappointment: DLC is region locked. So all our LBP costumes and content we bought on a US account, none of it works on what is an Australian game. It’s the only part that’s actually region locked though, which is not the end of the world and I haven’t actually called up Sony support to see if there’s any thing they can do for a globe-trotting family like us.

Speaking of LittleBigPlanet (and disappointment) despite having a massive bug-fix patch the night before we got it, LBP3 is still an absolute mess. It took us three tries over two different days to get into the second world in story mode and it glitches almost constantly. The game is quite polished aesthetically otherwise, and many of the puzzles are extremely clever mechanics (where the second game let down a little, IMHO).

Now I just have to pick up a game that I really want to play on it.

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