Jung Market, Warracknabeal Burnout Contest

In keeping with our theme of doing something on the weekend - for the second week in a row mind you - we decided to head out to have a look at the Burnout competition the Wimmera Off-street Drag Racing club were putting on. It’s a bit of a bogan activity, and I personally don’t really understand the idea of shredding tyres just for the sake of it despite the fact I’ve got at least two cousins who are into it. I don’t mind, for example, “drifting” but I feel like it’s the sort of activity that could be accomplished at far less cost by simply doing it on dirt. In fact, I’ve never put a car into a powerslide on bitumen in my life - so it’s possible it’s one of those things you have to try to understand (I certainly enjoy a good slide on a twisty dirt road).

I’m also weird, I suppose in that I don’t find a whipping donut interesting. I seriously enjoyed a couple of the entrants who did long, smooth, floating burnouts. I don’t like the sound of a rev-limiter at all, either - an opinion that seems unpopular for fans of these sorts of events. :/

Anyway, before that we also noticed that the Jung market was on today, so since they’re roughly in the same direction we decided to head out there first. We’ve lived here almost a year and never managed to catch it. It’s surprisingly big - I would say almost as large as the outdoor portion of the Ballarat market, and while most of the stuff there was uninteresting to us the fruits and vegetables didn’t seem bad at all. We ended up buying a bag of pretzels for Duncan to have a snack (I reasoned it’s better than buying candy) and left after making the rounds.


Out to the Warracknabeal airport and the event was already ongoing, which I kinda figured would happen because of the timing of the market. Duncan was immediately excited upon leaving the car, enjoyed the first two entrants then wanted to be nowhere near the third one we saw, because it appeared to just have an open-header exhaust on it. I was actually surprised a lot of these cars sounded like absolute shit - I just happened to be reading the regulations for PCM a couple of days ago and they specifically mentioned exhaust requirements, and I just figured it was an everywhere thing. Apparently not.

If you’re a first timer like us, and reading this before you go to your first event, take hearing protection for your children. A surprising number of kids were there (including infants), very few with hearing protection, and I felt like an absolute arsehole of a parent for not thinking to bring any for him. We kept moving him away from the arena for the louder ones and covering his ears for others.

I think it seriously hampered Duncan’s ability to enjoy it, considering this kid has almost always loved a good hoon. When asked later if he’d like to go again, he hesitantly answered “no” - but when asked if he’d go again if we bought him earmuffs he answered with an emphatic “yes!”

I took the opportunity to practice some sports photography, but managed to completely forget how our camera worked for most of it and had the shutter speed way too low. With some experimentation, I found that there was ample light to take decent pictures at the fastest shutter speed our camera is capable of. I’m really not happy with the majority of the shots, except the ones towards the end when I cranked the shutter speed.

Eventually, Duncan wanted lunch and we didn’t feel like buying it there, so we left shortly before noon, before the event finished. On the way out, I snapped a photo of a lovely XB GT Coupe.

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Warracknabeal, VIC, Australia

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