brand new design!

well.. i got sick and tired of my old design before i even really got it completed, so i elected to create a brand new design. i’ve also elected to code this version in php, because it’s just so damned easy ;) i’m not sure whether or not it’s going to be any fun because there basically hasn’t been a learning curve for me.. more like a learning “dot”. so anyway, here it is.

in other news, mooircd is growing great, we’re actually looking at separating out into smaller channels because the userbase is growing so well (and we’re all good users too, only one or two lame asses at the moment). if you’re wondering where my famed super nes roms download site of old went, well i’ve started putting many of them on my “famicom” fserv, which can be found on in #warez. i haven’t got them all uploaded at the moment but i’m getting there so be patient ;)

Sacramento, CA, USA



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Sacramento, CA, USA

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