GPG: Whoops!

Mikkel Krautz tried to send me something regarding Mumble today, and encrypted it with PGP. No problem, I’ve got GPG… but what key did he use? It wasn’t my Keybase, it was something from 2011 (; created 9 sep 2011, 670de1f1).

Checked my dropbox, and I have some encrypted keys stored on it, but none matching that fingerprint:

pub   2048R/15168622 2014-03-20
uid                  fwaggle <>

pub   2048R/3E0EAA6A 2014-03-20
uid                  fwaggle <>

pub   4096R/EC8C9492 2014-04-26
uid         Merkle Signing (v1) <>
sub   4096R/8080955B 2014-04-26
sub   4096R/49DA99D5 2014-04-26 [expires: 2024-04-23]

pub   4096R/AFC33697 2015-08-18
uid         <>
sub   2048R/BDE83055 2015-08-18 [expires: 2023-08-16]
sub   2048R/FD14F52B 2015-08-18 [expires: 2023-08-16]

So it appears I have, once again, managed to lose my GPG key - worse still, I somehow managed to replace it with another for the same email address almost two years ago (a year after I lost the one I was complaining about) and not even remember it.

Good thing I have Keybase and a separate cloud backup of them now, because this is getting embarrassing.

Horsham, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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