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Arrived home today to grab the “we missed you” card for our delivery from MWave - about a week ago I ordered 16GB RAM for my laptop, and an SSD for Sabriena’s laptop… early Christmas presents for both of us. Picked it up from the post office and proceeded to install the RAM into my laptop… easy peasy, there’s a convenient door for it.

On to Sabriena’s SSD (a 256GB Samsung 850 EVO) into her HP Pavillion 15-P011TX (biggest piece of shit ever) and oh my god the horror. I wrote previously about how trivial installing the SSD in my laptop was, her laptop made up for it entirely. I found a video in German showing how to disassemble the 15-P011TX (it’s actually a similar laptop, but it was very helpful) and jesus christ what a pain in the arse.

I get it all installed, along with the old 4GB RAM stick out of my laptop, put it all back together… and it boots! Chuck the Windows 10 disc I burned a couple days ago in… and secure boot stops me. Disable that, it boots, and I install Windows 10. Connect to the network and what the shit is this? Packet loss all over the place, horrifically bad signal. Turns out there’s an issue with her Broadcom 802.11n adaptor where the default Windows 10 driver leads to terrible signal quality - downloaded the driver from the HP website and installed it, and then everything else went silky smooth.

Unfortunately prior to discovering said issue, I tore the whole bloody thing apart again to work out whether I’d maybe left the antenna wire unhooked when installing the RAM upgrade (which requires the entire mobo to come out of the laptop), which I hadn’t.

Anyway, the difference it’s made to this piece of dog shit laptop is incredible - I don’t remember the 5400RPM hard disk that came in my Toshiba being as unbearably bad as hers was. Now I just need to work out how to get all the data off her old disk - I’ll probably just connect it to the desktop.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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