Toolondo, Vic

Off to Horsham for a local job, where we slept by the Information Centre the night before. After two trips back into Horsham, we learned we were needed for two more the next day, so we decided to look for a caravan park to sleep in.

Since Toolondo was closer to the job site than Horsham, and we enjoyed having lunch by the reservoir, we decided to give the local caravan park a go.

It turned out hideously expensive, approximately 150% the price of a comparable site in Adelaide, but we weren’t driving all the way back out and we’d probably have spent the difference in diesel anyway, so we paid it.

The park itself is very obviously not as maintained a it could have been

  • it could definitely be a nice place with a fair amount of work. There’s plenty of shade, and it’s nicely sheltered from the wind in any particular direction.

The bridge getting in its awful tight, which given the skill of the average caravan driver I really couldn’t see too many people with giant fifth-wheel caravans going in there. The driveway hasn’t seen a grader in a long time either.

The facilities themselves, for the most part just needed someone to go around with a duster and the bathroom blocks were a bit dark.

I wish they’d fix it up, because I’d pay the extra money if the place were nicer, being that it’s out of the way. I get the distinct impression that since the gravy train of the local mine disappeared, they don’t seem to see it as super profitable. Too bad. :(

Toolondo VIC 3401, Australia



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Toolondo VIC 3401, Australia

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