Office renovations: part 1

Starting last weekend, I began emptying out my office to finally do something with it. You see, when we first moved in, I wanted to get ethernet into it… but the roof cavity is much too tight over there, and due to the time of the year we were unable to lift a roof sheet to gain access to the top plates to sink a hole through.

But Baz (our usual electrician) rang in January and we finally had a window to be able to do it, but that’d mean access to the wall my desk is behind. Further, I decided to future-proof things, that I wanted an ethernet jack and some power over where the closet used to be, so that meant cleaning that section out too.

This didn’t leave a lot of room in my office to do things, so basically it became a “well I guess I should just do the entire office now and be done with it”, so we emptied it out (my computer is out in the living room) and by Thursday I was able to start on the plaster work.

Friday, Baz came out, and most of the work was entirely uneventful. To speed up the job, I did get him to put an extra hole in the wall (so we could drill through a noggin, as it was under a part of the roof covered in solar panels, so no ability to get an extension drill from the top). I reasoned that I was doing plaster work anyway, so one extra hole wasn’t a big deal.

So on Friday night I tested both ethernet jacks with iperf and they came up gigabit speeds, so I’m stoked and really excited to move back in… but first, a lot more work to go.

Saturday I put down a drop sheet and taped everything off, finished the last of the sanding of the plaster work, and sugar soaped the walls. I threw some 1-step primer on the fresh plaster and left it for the night.

Sunday morning, I picked out a paint color (ended up going with Dulux’s “Terracotta Chip” in a low-sheen) and started painting, ending with the second coat by Sunday night, but it was very clear I wasn’t going to be back in before the weekend is over. That’s probably a good thing though, as I will be less inclined to rush it if I can wait until next weekend to move back in.

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