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Off to work earlier this week, then home for a single night before heading out to my parents place. I ditched the van there, and Dad took me in to Carlton in his ute, to facilitate easier parking (parking a van that’s about three meters tall isn’t easy in the city, no interior parking spots for example). Plus, if I need surgery, that way Dad knows where to take me.

We headed out early, because we weren’t sure how bad the traffic would be (at 4pm on a Friday), so I ended up getting there approximately 40 minutes early. It turned out fortuitous, as they wanted an up-to-date X-ray, and I got to do that before I was even scheduled to go in, and ended up walking into the actual dental room a mere five minutes after my appointment. Much better than I expected.

Anyway, the dental surgeon basically recommended I don’t have that last wisdom tooth out. It hasn’t erupted whatsoever, so they’d have to cut a fair amount of jawbone out of the way to get to it, there’s a risk of complications, and it’s not causing me any pain or discomfort at the moment. Sabriena had read somewhere that if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing you any grief by your late twenties to early thirties, that they’re unlikely to give you any trouble ever… and I’m in my mid thirties now.

I still have the follow up appointment if I want them to take another look in 2 months, but I’m thinking in the absence of any advice to the contrary I might just cancel it and not worry about it.

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Carlton, VIC, Australia

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