PortlandOut to Portland, VIC for my first job in a long time - luckily this one was pretty profitable, as there wasn’t much driving at all apart from actually getting there and back. Super long day though - start at 6am, work until 2am, few hours nap, then work again until midnight.

I had to apply for a “Port Pass”, which was a surprisingly easy process. I sat the “induction” online, which consisted of four videos ranging from five minutes to fifteen minutes each, and a short quiz after each one. The quiz was seriously brain-dead, only one question required memorizing anything and most of them are more or less common sense questions. There was one gotcha question, where it contains “all of the above” (which is usually a safe answer for induction multiple-choice questions, when presented), but part of the “all of the above” is “do nothing”.

Since I’d already done the induction, getting the pass amounted to going in, paying $90, and waiting for it to be printed.

Portland, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Portland, VIC, Australia

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