To the movies: Inside Out

Today we went to the movies in Horsham, to take Duncan to see “Inside Out”. It was an excellent movie, it’s pretty clear Pixar haven’t lost their touch. Bill Hader and Lewis Black were standouts for me, being fans of both of them but the entire cast did well and for such a silly premise, the idea was executed really well, IMHO.

Now to the shitty part - the cost. We can get ten-dollar movie tickets through both RACV and our mobile phone provider, but none of the participating theatres are anywhere near us. So for the cost of three of us to a movie theatre (even sneaking most of our snacks in) was about a year’s worth of Netflix - and even at ten bucks a ticket the cost isn’t insignificant. It’s no wonder we don’t go to the theatres very often!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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