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“Baz” the electrician came by today for a firm quote on upgrading our switchboard (“breaker box” in US parlance). He’s already done this, but he hasn’t been out since we had the solar array upgraded, which might have complicated things, so he thought better take another look to be sure so we’re not slugged unexpectedly.

It turns out, quite the opposite - the new solar stuff actually makes things a bit easier the way they’ve done it. We can use both switchboxes and just change out the breakers for RCDs, remove the main RCD (so each circuit has it’s own one), and that’s it, so it’ll likely be cheaper than I was expecting.

I asked about whether replacing the boxes with a larger, roomier one might simplify things down the line by giving more space to work, but Baz was pretty adamant it wouldn’t matter, once he tidies everything up in there this should be easy enough to work around in.

He’ll hopefully do it by the end of the month, we’re waiting on him to check his calendar and find a spot to slot us in. We’ll be without power much of that day of course, but we can work around that.

It’ll be good to get this done, as it’s the last of the requisite work for other things we want to do: replacing the water heater (potentially with an electric one, which requires a complete new circuit ran), changing out lights for LED ones (with any work on any of the lights circuit requiring it being adapted to an RCD to bring it up to code), and maybe some other work.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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