Sabriena - Naturalised

This morning, the final step in Sabriena’s immigration process in Australia - the naturalisation ceremony. We tried our best to avoid the public spectacle, as she just about fainted on stage and was very very nervous about the whole thing. She managed through it though, and it’s finalized… certificate and everything.

The advantages of this for us are two-fold - she’s now a dual citizen, which confers special rights on her while we’re in Australia, such as access to FEE-HELP funding for her university education.

More importantly, should we decide (assuming the US government doesn’t decide to revoke my greencard for not being resident, something I still can’t get a straight answer on) to return to the US, we can come back to Australia at any point without having to repeat the immigration proess or maintain a residency visa while out of Australia.

Horsham, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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