Beanie: It’s official!

When we took Beanie in, it was on a “foster to adopt” arrangement because she was too young to spay (at least, the vet preferred to wait until she was a little more developed), and the rescue organization’s contract with the city council meant that they could not transfer an intact dog. But we could keep her, and for all intents and purposes she was ours, if not officially.

Well, two Thursdays ago she went in to get spayed. Her recovery was difficult - for all of us - psychologically because we were supposed to keep her as still as we could, with no running, jumping, etc, pretty much every joy in life was off limits for 10 to 14 days. For her, this was incredibly rough, which she took out on us… all she knew was she went to the vet (which she usually likes), got knocked out (twice, apparently the first wake-up she got panicked, so they sedated her again and woke her up more gently), then when she came home everyone was extremely un-fun!

Oh, and they decided to remove her rear dewclaws while they were at it, to avoid further injury. This made things worse - because of the weather turning to shit, she had to wear booties made from IV bags to keep the bandages from getting wet every time she had to go out to potty.

But we made it through to Monday, which was approximately 10 days from her operation. The vet arranged to check her incisions at Noon, which they actually did outside due to COVID. They were behind schedule, so we sat in the outdoor waiting area (thankfully, it was a lovely day), with Sabriena giving a constant stream of small treats for good behaviour around the distractions such as loud trucks and people going past. They took her inside to remove the leftover sutures, gave us the all clear, and it was basically her best day ever after that… we got to play, all her good toys came back out, she got to run, she got to go out in the yard without a leash, etc.

Fast forward to tonight, when we finalized the adoption paperwork. She’s officially ours! I’ll go in to the Council tomorrow morning to finalize her registration, but as far as the microchip and transfer go, it’s a done deal.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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