Duncan Home From Camp

Duncan was away at camp this week - three days at Roses Gap with his school. Dropping him off was an indication of how things were going to go: noisy, I felt quite sorry for the teachers going along. The weather here was fairly inclement, but apparently it must’ve been better there as they got to do lots of the activities that we thought for sure would be canceled.

On Friday afternoon, we had to pick him up around 3pm, so I managed to sneak away from work early to go with Sabriena. Not long before-hand we got a call from the father of one of Duncan’s friends - he’d managed to run out of fuel and couldn’t do anything until his partner got home, and could we pick his Son up too? Sure, I mean we’re out anyway!

Dropped his friend off to a very apologetic father, then back to work to finish up what I was doing. After that, we started hitting the Minecraft pretty hard and that’s basically how we spent the rest of the weekend.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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