Three Wisdom Teeth Gone

Back into Maryborough for one last time (Update: No, one more time April 10th, I have to get a referral to the Royal Melbourne Hospital to have my last wisdom tooth taken out surgically), as the dentist was optimistic he could remove all three wisdom teeth that were exposed “the old fashioned way”. Turned out he was right, they all came out rather easily (I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not).

Sabriena had a couple of fillings done as well, so we left Duncan with my sister Linda. They fed horses then watched TV, which he appeared to enjoy - however the early morning caught up with him because he napped on the way home.

Now I get to eat nothing but luke warm soup, drink nothing but water and just in general be very careful of my mouth over the next few days. Sabriena and Duncan had american-style hotdogs for dinner too. :(

Maryborough, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Maryborough, VIC, Australia

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