“Skoolbag” app unusable

Sabriena’s having difficulty with the Android app that Duncan’s school uses for parental communication. I tested it on my phone, and it’s broken there as well. I tried to find a way to contact the app developer, but it appears to be targeted at schools, so I wrote the school:

My son Duncan is about to start Prep at [redacted], [redacted] campus.

On your school’s website it implies we must use the Skoolbag app to receive news and updates from the school. However the app appears to be broken and entirely unusable on both of our Android phones. When you click on any of the alerts, the alert text flashes up then disappears immediately, with no way to bring it back.

I’ve tried looking in to contacting the developer, but all their communications stuff appears to be geared towards schools contacting them, not parents.

Phones are both Motorola “Moto G” X1032, 210.12.40.falcon_umtsds.AsiaRetail.en.03. Running Android 4.4.4, build KXB21.14-L1.40.

If you could pass that information on to the app developer, that’d be great. In the mean time, is there an alternate way to get news and information from the school? What about the parents who don’t have Android or iOS phones?

Thanks so much for your time.

I’d like to believe it’s a misunderstanding on our part, and that maybe they’ll send home newsletters or something (though it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t, given that’s a huge waste of paper)… but seriously, what about the ever diminishing number of parents who don’t have an Android or iOS device in the house?

Note: I’ve obscured some of the email to remove Googleable details, because while I would like to hope otherwise, I’m not convinced that in 20 years time or so websites won’t still be using the “secret question/answer” security model and one of them on Duncan’s accounts might be “the first school you went to”.

Update: They wrote back, are passing the information on, and we can get an old-school newsletter or an email if we like in the mean time. \o/

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Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

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