This storage shed drives me nuts!

I finally got around to driving out to Mum and Dad’s today. The plan was to hang out with them for a while, maybe connect our Star C3 to Dad’s van and take a look at it, and then dig through the chaff shed looking for the rest of my SNES games.

When I got there, Dad said he had to duck down into Melbourne, so I only got to spend about 20 minutes with him. We did have a look at his van, and I decided it wasn’t worth the effort digging the DAS Multiplexer out and connecting it up - the cold side of the charge air host had a big tear in it that he’d taped up. That’d cause limp home mode for sure!

See the ECU in these machines has no way of telling how fast the turbo is spinning. It has a rough idea of how fast it should be spinning given engine RPM, load, etc. From that, the ambient air temperature, and the position of the vane, it has a rough idea of how much pressure should be present in the intake manifold, but that’s it. So what it does is if the pressure is outside of the expected regions, it assumes a charge leak and gives up applying boost at all to protect the turbocharger from overspin. This manifests itself as “limp home mode” - a huge lack of power (since it’s a NA 2.7L diesel) and a transmission that all but gives up on the idea of trying to pick the right gear for the job.

Taping it up with duct tape probably won’t solve the problem for long, and a new hose is between $210AUD (for one ordered from the USA by a third party supplier) and $350AUD (from Mercdes Benz), with the cheaper option taking a couple of weeks to get here, so I told Dad he can borrow mine for the time being… I’m much too busy to be working my van at the moment, even if I felt like it was something I wanted to do. I’m not sure if he’ll take me up on that option or not. Taping up the charge air hose seems silly when you consider that (I think) these motors can peak at about 20psi of boost - it’s like trying to repair a bike inner tube with duct tape.

Anyway, after Dad left for his errand I went looking for the SNES games I’m missing, and came away empty handed after a while. If I weren’t such a skeptic, I’d decide that the place is haunted. Checking back through Facebook messages, I definitely questioned my cousin about a cartridge that I thought belonged to him that was in the box with the SNES the first time I found it. When I retrieved it last time, there was a different game in with it, and this time, that cartridge is nowhere to be found at all, anywhere near where I found the SNES. What the hell?

I didn’t find any of the 8 or so NES games I used to own either, including the copy of Snake Rattle & Roll I found a while back, but those don’t bother me as much because I lack a system to play them on (and a complete NES system costs well above my pain threshold at the moment).

My sister still hasn’t cleaned out her closet to find my PSX either, but I’m starting to suspect that’ll never happen. :(

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