Granny’s House, and Home

We’re finally home!

We left Coal Creek and headed up to Bayles, to visit my Grandmother. On the way there, on the Caldermeade Road, we were turned around because of emergency vehicles blocking the intersection, which we later learned was a rather tragic multiple-fatality. It didn’t take us long to route around the scene, keeping us out of the way of the emergency services.

We stayed at Grandma’s for about an hour, when it pretty much reached “now or never” time for making it through Melbourne in a timely fashion. Predictably, the traffic was garbage most of the way in on the Monash, and for almost all of the Westgate Freeway. What I couldn’t have predicted was how smoothly traffic on the ring road and Western Freeway was! Perhaps, reaching the Western at approximately 5pm, we were ahead of the worst of it? And on a Friday no less. I’ve had the Western be absolutely terrible at 6pm before.

The rest of the drive home was completely uneventful.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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