NBN works in progress!

My suspicions surrounding the pit labelled “nbn power” were correct - they’re installing the node cabinet right out front of our neighbour’s house. Assuming our last mile copper doesn’t do something stupid like go up the street and down again, our loop length could be as low as a hundred meters or less, which means we could be among the lucky few who see a dramatic improvement in switching from ADSL2+ to VDSL2. Note there’s a ton of hyoptheticals in there though.

So it’s time to start looking into providers, so as not to leave it to the last minute (it’s scheduled for completion in September). We’ve already had mail from TPG, and we’re currently with Exetel though they haven’t said much about NBN. Exetel apparently have issues with backbone contention in Australia, and their NBN plans aren’t quite as attractive as their resold ADSL plans. I’ve spoken to people who are pretty happy with Aussie Broadband, and Internode, with the latter having some rather attractive features such as various quota-free mirrors/peering agreements, and the whole Fetch TV thing sounds kinda interesting if I don’t look too hard at it.

On the whole though it looks like if we’re willing to spend a bit more than we are right now (there is precious little value at the price point we’re currently paying, and many providers we’ll actually get less than we are on ADSL2), and manage to pick a provider without heavily over-sold networks, maybe I won’t have too much to bitch about with regards internet connectivity for a while. The other night I had to upload a 4 minute 720p video, and it crippled our internet for about an hour and a half. Lucky I was the only one up, but it would be nice if that stops.

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