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i finally got around to doing my banner exchange site, which just needs a domain and then some cleaning up to make it look more presentable (oh and the sometime soon i have to figure out a way to automate the banner upload part a little). but if you have a website and you’re looking for a free way to drive traffic to your site, then help me out a little! the banner you see above is exactly how it will look on your site, but they can also be in 234x60 or 88x31 too.

you have a choice of three methods to get the banner on your site: javascript, iframes, and php (or any other method of server side including you care to hack up). we’re really flexible about what you can do and how your format it, as long as the entire banner is visible “above the fold” (ie, within 400 pixels of the top of your page, so it’s among the first things the user sees when the page loads) then you can integrate it into your page however you want.

well, what else is new.. let’s see.. i’m still bikeless, although i do have the frame, headset, rear rim and gyro cables (i would have a gyro but the one a friend gave me was not oversized). so it’s getting there! it’s going to be thick as hell when it’s built though, and i’ve already found the first handrail i want to try once i get my skillz back. rest assured i’m going to try and video tape it and divx it and stick it up for download :)

my milkshake is tasting funny. :( i got it last night, and stuck it in the fridge and now it tastes funny. horrible stuff. well i better go take a shower so i don’t smell offensive.

Sacramento, CA, USA



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Sacramento, CA, USA

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