Merry Christmas!

This weekend was quite busy with us, so we stayed home from Mum and Dad’s and only went out for “Christmas dinner” (ie, a big-ass lunch) on Christmas Day. We decided to open the bulk of our presents on Christmas Eve, partly because Sabriena has fond memories of doing that growing up, but also because dragging them all out to Mum and Dad’s to open them just seemed like a logistical nightmare and an exercise in childhood cruelty, and opening them all Christmas morning and then immediately leaving didn’t seem like fun either.

Then, on the morning of Christmas Eve, I came up with the genius idea of doing it just after lunch instead of just after dinner, so that Duncan would have time to play with his loot prior to having to head to bed so we could be up on time to get away early. That worked out pretty well, as her sister wanted to observe the festivities via webcam also. Despite being warned it’d be a lean Christmas because of everyone getting PC parts, Duncan still did rather well - he got an absolute pile of craft stuff and books, and then Santa brought him some toys including the “Nerf” gun he’d asked for.

Out to Mum and Dad’s around 8am, and managed to forget the Peanut Butter bar that Sabriena made, which sucks because now it’ll be sitting in the fridge for two weeks taunting us. Duncan got a few more presents and we all had a good time. We headed home at about 3, arriving at about 5:30, with Sabriena driving because I’d had a bit to drink… but I noted the complete absence of RBT checkpoints the entire journey.

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Red Lion, VIC, Australia

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