Infinity Day 3.0

They're not his...

It’s that time of year again - Disney Infinity 3.0 released and of course we had to have it. As you can see from the photograph, we may have gone a little overboard, as usual. This month is going to be rough, as I’m already off work for the week because of exam prep and the exams themselves, and Skylanders releases at the end of the month as well.

The release is actually slated for September 3rd, but Sabriena noticed this morning that the EB Games website showed it being “out now”. We went and had a look, and didn’t see anything, but everyone was busy so I didn’t think to ask. After school today we needed some school supplies, and noticed that Kmart had them out, so over to EB and sure enough they did have them.

We had pre-ordered the game itself from EB games, because they have the better preorder bonus. Target is actually cheaper, but they don’t seem to have an ability to preorder or reserve the game - we did buy most of the other stuff from them though as they’re a good $3 cheaper on each of the figures.

Duncan insisted on being in the photo, but it’s important to note that it’s not him that’s spoiled. Sabriena is the driving force behind most of these purchases. Sabriena didn’t want to mess around this year, so she bought all the figures she wanted on day one. With 2.0 we decided to hold off, and hopefully get some of them via sales (which we did, with a few)… and now we can’t find Baymax and a few others anywhere, unless we want to pay twice as much as retail via eBay!

In the end we’re missing Baymax, Hiro and Maleficent, along with we still haven’t managed to find Dash… so this year we decided to make sure to get everything and not worry about saving a few dollars.

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