Arcade Monitor Adjustments

I’ve had the Neo Geo about 4 months or so now, and it’s mostly how I want it. There’s just a couple of minor annoyances with the monitor: first of all the yoke is ever so slightly rotated, so the picture is too. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to fix this - I run the risk of seriously screwing up the geometry of the CRT, and I only have a tenuous grasp on what I should be doing.

The second thing is that the H-SIZE adjustment just doesn’t have any throw in it. I can’t adjust it while it’s on, as I don’t have any plastic drivers (I used to have a set, but I thought I’d never touch a CRT again so I got rid of them!), and it’s surrounded by a coil which I think will heat up anything metal in the middle of it, and potentially damage the set.

So I was adjusting it with the machine off, turning it back on to the test grid and… nothing. Even after several turns it barely moves, if at all! Finally I took some photos of the chassis, found a model number (Nanao KB240331B), and found a forum thread (which I’ve since lost) referencing a jumper that controls the coarse setting of the H-SIZE, and the H-SIZE pot is only used for very fine tuning.

Hmm. Pity I dunno where the hell the jumper is and I can’t get a good look at it without removing the chassis, which I’d rather avoid doing. To Google again, to search for a manual! It looks like this exact CRT and chassis combo are used in the Sega MC2000-S monitors, which I was able to find a manual for. I don’t think it’s exactly the same thing, but it was close enough for my purposes, so I’ll mirror the Sega MC2000-S monitor manual.

Anyway, the manual specifies two settings, narrow and wide… mine has three, with a medium in between. With the machine off and discharged, I pulled it off medium, popped it on narrow, and when I turn it on the crosshatch test pattern looks excellent (other than being rotated a couple of degrees). I can finally see the full names on Samurai Shodown!

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