Commodore: broken castor rod bushing!

Uh ohOur car has pulled to the left off and on for a couple of weeks now, but with the pain-in-the-arse of moving I haven’t bothered to do anything about it. I knew that obviously something was loose, as mechanical problems don’t suddenly fix themselves, but frankly I was just too damn tired to do anything about it.

Today, backing out of a parking spot during our usual shop, there was a thump and then a rubbing noise. Got out to have a look, and the driver’s side wheel was much further forward than it should be - that’s not good!

Got down and had a look underneath it, took a really shit photo (shown above), then called the RACV because obviously this sucker wasn’t going anywhere. Mum and Dad were out for a visit, so Mum took Sabriena to finish the rest of the grocery shopping while I waited for RACV with Dad. When he arrived, he confirmed it wasn’t going anywhere and that we’d have to tow it.

I asked if he could tow it to Rudolph Motors, not a problem he’s worked with them before… would it be OK if he towed it later when the parking lot cleared out? Sure, I guess, as long as I don’t get towed for parking there too long (probably not likely on a Saturday I think), and then he took Dad and I back home.

He went back later, and took it to Terry’s for me, who managed to squeeze it in on Monday, and replaced both bushings for about the price I’d figured he’d do one for… so I really can’t complain too much. I am thinking that replacing this car probably won’t be able to wait until after we buy a house, but we’ll keep it as long as we can.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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