Scienceworks and Planetarium

Left the hotel this morning on our way home, and decided to do something different and check out Scienceworks, a science-themed museum. Duncan had a great time, a lot more of the exhibits were targeted at his age group than I thought there would be.

I think he ended up a little over-stimulated though, almost had a meltdown a couple of times. Splurged on lunch in the Cafe on-site - Sabriena had sushi. The panini I had wasn’t bad for what it was, though Duncan ate very little of his lunch. After lunch it was time for the shows in the Planetarium, in which Duncan’s behaviour amazed me. After the morning we’d had walking around the exhibits we were expecting problems and he behaved himself far better than most of the other kids in there.

The cartoon show before the actual planetarium show was a little nauseating, but otherwise quite well done - very good use of the wide-angle screen.

Spotswood VIC, Australia



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Spotswood VIC, Australia

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