We’ve had a couple of Christmases so far. Sabriena’s mom Pam is working Christmas eve, so earlier in the week we went over there to open presents early. Duncan came away with way more shit than he should have considering we have to cart it all back on the plane, so it was a thoroughly successful materialistic evening.

Regretfully, a few people bought Duncan toy guns which we don’t fancy taking on the plane with us, as it’s bad enough they stopped and inspected Sabriena’s laptop during our transfer at LAX. Norm also gave Duncan a batch of collector pocket knives, which will require a bit of research to see if I should even bother trying to import them.

We headed out to Bluffton later in the week to check out the parade of lights, which was neat but I’m not entirely sure it was worth the considerable drive, given that we went around the whole thing twice in about ten minutes.

Christmas eve came around and we opened a few remaining presents, saving one big-ish one for each child for the next morning. We got a little tipsy and had a thoroughly merry Christmas eve though.

My parents are still planning on giving Duncan another Christmas when we get back, since they’ll have missed this one.

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Montpelier, IN, 47359

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