New (to us) Table

New (to us) TableI took Duncan out to Mum and Dad’s for a visit over the weekend - we opted to leave Friday night and come home Saturday night instead of spending Saturday night there, that way we’d have Sunday as a nice rest day, which I will definitely do again I think as Monday was a whole lot more tolerable that way.

We’ve been looking for a smaller dining table for a while now, the 8-seater one we bought when we first moved in to the house was great when my parents were working out in the Wimmera and were over visiting all the time, but now all it does is take up space and collect things. Lo and behold, on Saturday morning I wandered out to the shed to find Dad working on something that looked like it’d be perfect: a modest 4-seater, made of real wood, that he was in the process of reconditioning. Perfect!

I had to put a final coat of varnish on it, and for some reason as I opted to use polyurethane on it it took forever to dry, but we brought it in the house and set it up finally and it makes the room look way larger! Please ignore Duncan’s travesty of a desk. Now all we need is some nicer chairs to go along with it - we didn’t spend much on the ones we had as we weren’t sure how long we were going to be living here, but as it’s looking like we’ll be staying in Australia for some time it might be time to get something a little nicer to sit on.

Also over the weekend, I picked up a bit more old computer game stuff that Dad found in the storage shed. I have no idea how I missed this stuff!

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