Found my PS3!

I’ve been wondering where my PS3 is the last couple of weeks - I loaned it to my brothers-in-law Nick and Colton when we left for Australia, as I erroneously thought it wouldn’t work with the games over there (as it turns out it wouldn’t work without a stepdown convertor, but would happily play Australian games). Like many other things, it was left in storage in the blue house when they moved out, but I couldn’t find it.

I ended up finding it last night, in less than stellar conditions. I took it apart and cleaned all the (considerable) dust out of it, then plugged it in and it powers up. Whether it will remain working when a game is launched remains to be seen, but at least it boots.

Because of the power issues, the reliability issues that plagued the early “fat” PS3s, and the chances of it being broken on the flight back, I won’t be taking it back to Australia, so I’m leaving it for Shaina and Flip to use as a downstairs PS3.

All I really care about finding is my Gran Turismo 5 copy, which I won in a contest over 6 years ago.

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Montpelier, IN, 47359

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