BSA Day before yesterday I had to drop off the VZ ute that dad picked up for $200. He picked it up near Warracknabeal, but didn’t have time to take it all the way home before being back to Nhill for work, so he left it in our driveway overnight.

It had a “check powertrain” warning, and was in a “reduced power” mode ostensibly so you could limp the thing home. However checking all the codes and the freeze frame data, they were all pretty old so I recorded all the data I could then cleared the DTCs. It drove fine all the way to Mum and Dad’s, throwing a code for an oil pressure sender on the way. Not a bad buy at all.

Dad was bringing me back in his Falcon ute, so we decided to chuck the BSA on the back so I could begin working on getting it running - my plan at this point is to get my learner permit on it, assuming I can get it running. I shouted him McDonalds for lunch on the way home, and managed to smash my ear on the door to his ute getting back in, where I bled profusely due to the heat (I think).

Got home and got it off the tray and in to the shed. Yesterday and today I cleaned and degreased it a bit, and started taking a general assessment of it. Problems I’ve noted:

  • The battery is bulging to the point of bursting, so I’ve removed it and set it away from the bike for the time being.
  • No steering lock.
  • The paint hasn’t held up well at all.
  • Tank is full of rust.
  • The left hand grip is non-standard and positively awful. I’m almost certain my grandfather just used the grip off the old 3-wheeler and it’s terrible.

The grip won’t be so bad, because a set of reproduction grips for this bike is only about 5GBP. That’s nothing. The paint work I’m not sure what to do, because Dad says the bike was black when he bought it. Indeed, peeking at bits that my grandfather didn’t paint, you can see the black. I’ll have to ask grandma if there’s a reason he picked that color.

But I’m also not sure what to do with it anyway, it’d be nice to not paint it out of respect for my grandfather but I think it might be too far gone to last that long anyway.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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