First night in the new house

We spent our first night in the new rental in Horsham last night, and Duncan spent his first night in his own room. It went better than we were expecting, considering he’s never slept away from us due to our former circumstances - when we were at home he was in his own bed, but his bed was in the same room as ours. Made things a little cozy, really. Of course in the van, we’re all piled in on top of each other, but Sabriena and Duncan haven’t come with me in the van for quite a while.

Checking the status page, and the ADSL isn’t on yet… Unsurprising, and I don’t know why I check it even as often as I do, as apparently Exetel’s lead times on ADSL2 on the Optus network is somewhere to the tune of 3 weeks, and we’re only just over a week into it. :(

Today will be another long day: we need to go appliance shopping, and we still need some furniture for the living room. It’s currently very “white trash chic” with our camping chairs spread out around the room and the TV and PS3 on the floor against one wall.

Getting the van into the driveway is more difficult than I’d imagined - the driveway is only about a foot wider than the width of the van, and with multiple angle changes it’s like threading a needle to not collect either the patio or the tree in the garden. I can’t see myself doing that very often.

The garage is amazing, with room enough for a station wagon with ease, a great big workshop room with heavy benches and a small office space (though the idea of putting our computers out there doesn’t sound too appealing) - I would be quite content if we can get a garage like that when we eventually buy a place.

There’s a laundry list of things wrong with the house - some are maintenance issues and some are just cosmetic things, most of which are just facts of the location of the house (such as cracks in the drywall). When I spoke to the property manager, some of the things that I was content to live with (the miscalibrated or possibly broken spring on the garage door for instance) and was happy to put down on the condition report, they want me to file a maintenance request for it. We have three days to finalize the report, and will probably need more paper.

Until then, lots of unpacking and lots of shopping.

Horsham VIC 3400, Australia



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Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

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