Mum’s Birthday Dinner

Out to Ballarat today to surprise Mum, my sister had arranged to take her out for “Dinner” (at lunch time) for her birthday at La Porchetta, and asked if we wanted to show up and surprise her. Sabriena has to drive at the moment, which sucks because she doesn’t do so well with city driving, but we made a plan that worked well, parking over near the hospital and walking along.

We arrived in Ballarat about 45 minutes early, walked around the downtown area, and somehow ended up a few minutes late to the restaraunt but it all worked out pretty well. I got the Cannelloni and Sabriena got the Lasagne, then we traded half and half… at least that was the plan, she was too full! It was rather more expensive than we’re used to, but we enjoyed it. We’ve heard mixed reviews of La Porchetta online, particularly the Ballarat location, but my sister and her boyfriend are regular customers, it seems.

Then off to play at Victoria Park so the kids could hang out a while, and we had cake as well. It started to get a bit cold, so we left around 2:30 to get back home in time for a late dinner, which we didn’t end up eating as we were still so full… I ate the remainer of Sabriena’s Cannelloni very late.

We played some Donkey Kong until it was time for bed - not a bad way to start the weekend!

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Ballarat, VIC, Australia

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