UTC BIOS time on Windows 10

Since I’ve started dual booting Linux, I’ve run into a problem… Linux Mint, the distribution I’ve been using, likes to set the BIOS time to UTC. I tried unsuccessfully last time to configure it to not do so, and ended up finding a discussion about simply forcing Windows 10 to do the same so that my clock was not 10 or 11 hours out of whack every time I booted back into Windows.

However, I reinstalled my PC last weekend, and managed to lose that, so I had to dig it up again. This time, after finding the thread on how to get Windows 10 to have the RTC set to UTC, I decided to document it:

Create the a new DWORD value of 1 at the following registry key:


That’s it. Then reboot, and all should be right in the world.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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