The other Tropic of Capricorn

Today marks an amazing achievement - we successfully took a vehicle across the WA border and avoided any mechanical troubles.

Not only did we do that, but we’re further north in Western Australia than we’ve ever been and I need to do some comparing but we may actually be further north than we’ve been anywhere in Australia. I doubt that, considering we’re not that far over the Tropic, but it warrants a look.

We’re in the town of Newman, WA, and it’s a bit of a dump. Most mining towns are, of course, but after almost being in at least a couple of motor vehicle accidents and just generally feeling like the vehicle wasn’t safe when we leave it, we’re about ready to leave.

We’re planning on heading back slowly and doing the tourist thing on the way down, and doing our best to avoid mechanical trouble on the way.

Newman WA 6753, Australia



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Newman WA 6753, Australia

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