Giving Quassel a try

Today, while mucking around with my Linux VM I use for MumbleDog work and egged on by screenshots of a friend’s Linux Mint installation, I decided to give Linux Mint a go. The results were a little disappointing: try as I might I simply couldn’t get it to automatically adjust the resolution the way my Debian VM does.

I then started playing around with other apps on the Debian VM, because I got acceleration working on it. I decided to give Quassel a go, and started mucking around with it. I’m seriously considering ditching the current ZNC/mIRC setup I have going on, just because it’s so dodgy at times whereas Quassel is well integrated and behaves closer to what one would expect it to with regards multiple networks and so on.

After a bit of mucking around, I worked out how to get the Windows build to work as a remote client as well. Add to that, the Android app is decently functional and not nearly as clumsy as using AndChat with ZNC, and I’m seriously starting to like it.

We’ll see how it goes over the coming days.

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Horsham, VIC

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