Trying New Things… including Netlify

Earlier in the week, Sabriena made the executive decision that for valentine’s day (or whatever) the three of us would go out to eat at a sit-down restaraunt… something we never do. She decided on something we’ve been talking about since before we moved here, but never got around to trying, Moe’s Mexican Bar + Grill. I’d seen this place was up for sale a couple of months back, and assumed it was because like everything else in rural towns, things had slowed down and it wasn’t doing so great. We didn’t even think of reserving, and very nearly didn’t get a table! Luckily they had two spare, so we took the larger one. I genuinely had no idea it’d be that busy, but I guess it’s a good sign?

Duncan had nachos, Sabriena had a burrito, and I got the same thing I always get any time it’s on the menu, Fajitas. We weren’t sure of the portion sizes so Duncan got “medium” nachos, but it ended up being way too much food, in fact I was fairly impressed all around. I’d have liked slightly less meat on the Fajitas and one more tortilla, but I managed to cram it all in anyway because portion control is not exactly my forte.

On the whole, really enjoyed it, then we went for a wander through the botanical gardens to let it settle, before retiring home for the evening.

This morning, as is our habit these days, we went on our Parkrun. We have this thing where if Duncan manages to beat his prior PR, we’ll take him out for a hot chocolate and a slice at a cafe. We usually opted for the one in the center of the plaza, because it’s handy, but this time around we decided to try the “Fig Tree Cafe” because they’re a supporter of our local Parkrun apparently? Also, the “trying new things” thing. Duncan got upset, saying that fig trees sounded yucky (haha!) and that he wanted to just go to the same place, but we actually ended up liking this place more. Weird that…

Finally, a couple weeks ago I dabbled with deploying my site to Netlify. I’ve been wanting to ditch Cloudflare for ethical reasons for some time now, but finding time for an adequate replacement has been difficult. I was just about to pull the trigger with moving it back to Amazon, when a colleague at work put me on to Netlify about a month back. Today I finally pulled the trigger and pointed the DNS (albeit still hosted at Cloudflare) for the main domain to it. After some minor grief getting the HTTPS to work, leaving my site down for about 20 minutes, it looks to be all up and running.

I still have to move the files over, which I might try use the git-lfs as a separate site on it and see how that goes. I may still move the site back to Amazon, but so far this looks to be working out, and the automatic deploy shit is pretty nice.

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