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Black Range Overpass

For the second day in a row I was sent out to Mortlake, which is good because it’s a short trip and I was home just after lunch both days. Today though I had to take a minor detour, after hearing on the UHF that there was an accident between a B-double and a car at an “overpass west of Stawell”. It turned out it was actually east of Stawell, and someone mentioned Churchill Crossing Road as a possible bypass for light vehicles.

It was a dirt road, with a pretty steep rail “level” crossing and then a rather cruisy bitumen road back to the highway, so not really that much out of my way and it sure beat being one of the myriad vehicles clogging up the highway to prevent emergency services getting through.

Anyway, the map attached doesn’t really do it justice - this is an absolute horror of an overpass. It doesn’t camber terribly well, it’s completely blind, not particularly wide with nowhere to go if things go wrong - an absolute nail-biter to bring oversized loads through, particularly in tourist season.

We learned later that it ended up being a fatal collision, as the driver of the car ended up dying in hospital. They really should do something about straightening out that overpass or duplicating it (as they will eventually, I’m sure) ASAP.

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Black Range, VIC, Australia

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