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Being productive over the weekend felt great, so I decided to continue that groove and reduce the size of a Linux shell box I’ve been hosting as an act of charity for a few years now. It gets almost no use, and it’s sitting on a 2048 Linode when a 1024 Linode would probably do nicely.

I shut the machine down, the cloned it to a fresh VM in the same DC as a backup. I was decidedly impressed with this part - they forecast about 38 minutes for a same-DC migration, but it was done in about 6 minutes.

Then I used Linode’s automagic filesystem resizer (which I think is just a wrapper over resize2fs) which took a bit longer, and then I migrated over to the new KVM system, and then another migration to downsize to a 1024 Linode.

The entire process from shutdown to boot up took 26 minutes, which isn’t bad at all, I was decently impressed. It’s a pity the automatic filesystem resizer doesn’t work for FreeBSD disk images.

Sabriena also switched her Minecraft server over to a hosted one, so we could trash another 2048 Linode, meaning we’re currently saving about $30 a month off the server bills.

I also started moving more sites over to new FreeBSD 10.1 VMs, and had a fair whack of grief with Ioncube encrypted PHP scripts - what a usability nightmare it is to have a script that simply dumps a white screen even with all the error logging stuff turned on?

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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