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Had to call up the property manager again today, and spoke to Freya - I notified them on the 1st of February that the previous repair to the outdoor blind had proven ineffective, and I noticed today that they still haven’t done anything about it. We’ve now put the blinds up, so hopefully the wind won’t damage it any further.

While I had their attention though, I thought to bring up two issues: the heater fan makes a rattling noise, like something’s loose in it, and the foundation has shifted making the sliding door no longer square, leaving a rather large gap in the bottom corner of it. Would be nice to have both of those things fixed before winter gets here.

Update: The plumber came by to do a service on the heater on Friday morning, and it’s made a huge difference. It was absolutely putrid with dust, but the real problem was a broken pin of some description, which he ended up replacing with a screw of some sort, and the heater is significantly quieter and feels like it pushes the heat out better.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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