Duncan’s immunization record

Got a call today from “Leanne” at Duncan’s Australian doctor’s office, that they’ve received notice he’s overdue on some vaccines scheduled at 18 months.

Huh? He only needed one when he got here, and then he was up-to-date until 4 years when the first round of school ones start. I called her back and after a few minutes on the phone and checking the Dr’s notes, it turns out someone never notified the registry of all the shots he had in the USA, only of the single shot he had when he got here… lovely.

It’s apparently all sorted out - they had the photocopy of his US record, and are apparently forwarding it to the registry here.

Just glad we didn’t have to rush back down to Victoria or go find a fax machine it something.

Duaringa QLD 4712, Australia



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Duaringa QLD 4712, Australia

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