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Playstation 2I’ve had a working PS2 for a while… two of them in fact, but both of them are NTSC models and both are slims. No good for playing games I buy here in Australia, and no good for downloading games either (while it will work, either via ethernet or a USB hard disk, an internal would be better). So I’ve been hunting for a fat PS2 beneath my pain threshold for a while, everyone seems to think they’re worth a ton of money.

A few weeks back there was a fantastic deal on a silver one, complete in the box, for about $40 on Facebook, which I discovered about four hours after it was posted… and someone had already jumped on it.

Today, there was a plain ol’ fat PS2, vertical stand, some controllers, no games or cables for $25, and I thought that sounded good enough for me, assuming it worked. I went to check it out, and took a gamble on it, and it turns out it works great - I used the hookups for my PSX on it. It was absolutely caked in dust, so I took it apart to clean it out, stuffed a hard disk into it and slapped a network adapter on the back of it, and played a few games on it.

While I was at the seller’s house though, she asked if PS1 games would work on it. I said yeah, I think they will, and she went off to find them while I wondered how much she’d want. Turned out she gave them to me, though there’s only about 9 discs (and virtually no matching covers) that aren’t burned copies. She was also going to give me a Pokemon DS game (can’t recall which) but decided she’d keep that one, but hey, I was pretty rapt with what I got.

Most of the burned discs haven’t aged well and are failing. No great loss there, I can download and burn them easy enough. There is some gold hidden in the legitimate discs though, including Thrasher Skateboarding, Digimon World, and a few others I really enjoyed.

… but then I found it. The original Grand Theft Auto, a game I absolutely adored. I was so excited to fire it up and… it wouldn’t boot! Check the back for scratches, held it up to the light, and it looks like there were stickers on the disk, someone removed them and it pulled off the dye layer. Gutted!

This morning though, I also managed to find a bunch of PC games for a couple bucks each, so I wound up picking four that weren’t in too bad a shape (some were water damaged), I got boxed copies of two games I already owned (The Division and Modern Warfare 2) and two games I haven’t yet played (Wolfenstein and Black Ops 2). I’m not sure whether I can play Wolfenstein, as it’s GFWL, but it looks nice on the shelves!

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