Gran Turismo 6

For Christmas, Mum got me a $50 gift card to EB games, and I didn’t know what to spend it on. I thought about putting it towards a decent headset, but they’re obscenely expensive here, and because of work and other commitments I haven’t spent near as much time using Mumble as I probably ought to be. There’s also the problem that they may get damaged before I get to use them, so I nixed that idea, and ended up breaking a personal goal of not buying any PS3 games while in Australia (because they’re incompatible with US systems) and came away with Gran Turismo 6.

I’d actually seen a Reddit comment to the tune of “Don’t buy GT6 until they patch it up a bit, get GT5 instead”, but I honestly don’t get what they’re talking about. This game is great (if you like Gran Turismo games).

What I wasn’t prepared for is how much Duncan would like it. Unfortunately you still have the grievances like the fact you can’t 2-player outside of arcade mode (I’d really like to be able to have him play at the same time, and earn credits for upgrades). I also dislike things like the upgrades such as “sports computer” on a car built in the 50s - I think they could vary the upgrades to match the cars - and the still quite limited livery options (but getting better).

But really, Duncan is just pretty happy to do donuts at Bathurst with his Dad, and I think it’s worth the $79AUD just for that alone.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia fwaggle



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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