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Editor’s note: Entrecard was basically a modern attempt of a webring for bloggers that I was really into for a while (I think it’s long-defunct though), and the gaming website was Moodoo.org, which is now my Mastodon instance.

I almost forgot to drop entrecards today! Yep, it’s 8:45 and I literally just got done, I spent the entire day playing Team Fortress 2, and during the breaks I worked on re-doing our gaming community’s website.

Many moons ago, my wife and I were addicted to an 2D platform-based MMORPG originating from Korea, called “MapleStory”. I’m not even going to do them the service of linking to them, because if you’re visiting my site and reading what I have to say, then I count you as a friend - and friends don’t let friends play MapleStory. Nexon America, despite intermittent periods of trying really really hard, are basically a terrible game provider.

My wife and I have literally spent several thousands of dollars on imaginary shit over the years, and then finally the problem with cheating cost me some very powerful equipment. Basically, the cheaters were crashing channels in order to duplicate items, and under certain circumstances it can cause players to lose items. I lost some, and in the in-game marketplace it would cost me in excess of three hundred dollars to replace them. Nexon were absolutely zero help in getting it back, stating that they had no way of knowing if I’d just given them away and was lying about it.

Discounting the time we spent on this game - 16 hours a day wasn’t uncommon through winter when there wasn’t too much else to do, after I figured out how to use a controller with MapleStory - there’s also the amount of money you can find yourself spending on NX.

The money we’d spent on imaginary items in MapleStory could have gone to any number of better things, so we stopped playing. Lately we’ve been playing games like TF2, because you buy it once and it doesn’t cost you any more. Valve are also quite good at answering email if something doesn’t work right. New content for TF2 comes out periodically, despite the fact Valve really doesn’t receive any extra compensation for this (though I bet the free weekends and such don’t hurt sales any).

Our MapleStory guild grew into quite a tight-knit group of friends, so today I decided to resuscitate the dying website and make it so it was no longer centered around MapleStory. We now have several sections, and I copied a few of my old Maple threads over and started hacking on things like templates and stuff. I’m really starting to learn my way around PHPBB3, which is awesome because it’s actually not really that bad as far as “please hack me” software goes.

So yeah, that’s what I did all day. :\

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Montpelier, IN 47359, USA

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