Skate 3

Skate 3!

Duncan has been watching a Youtuber play Skate 3 off and on for several months now, and mentions wanting it every so often. That’s not a problem, I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and I’d totally play it too… only issue is, it’s horrifically expensive for such an old game. EB want close to $30AUD for a pre-owned copy, on either system!

On Friday though, I noticed an ad on our local Facebook buy/swap/sell group (one of the only things I really use FB for) of a pile of Xbox360 games for $10 each. Skate 3 was in there, along with Forza 4 and Fable II, two other games I’d been wanting to play but not enough to buy (even with EB’s buy-one-get-one deal they had a while back). Today, I got around to writing the seller a message, asking if she’d take $20 for three of them, and she replied yes.

That’s less than seven bucks per game, and well below my pain threshold, so I made arrangements to go pick them up. It turned out I’d been there before: it’s the same lady I bought the Playstation 2 from about a month ago. All three games are in great shape, and I believe complete, so I’m pretty happy.

I had to work shortly after picking them up, but Duncan spent a good amount of time thoroughly enjoying Skate 3 that I dare say he’s got our money’s worth out of it already.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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