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It’s been over four months now since I started working remotely from home, and slowly the office is taking shape. I found a desk large enough to do what I want at a local Opp shop, and last month Sabriena talked me into replacing the horrific 1080p TV I was using for a monitor (I’m still using it, but not as my primary monitor so I don’t have to stare at it all day).

I wanted to wall mount the second monitor (the TV), but our lease prevents us from doing so. A desk-mounted swingarm for a monitor this size would be prohibitively expensive, but then I remembered that there are slats on three walls for a shelf above my desk. With a bit of home fabrication, I built a shelf with a metal bracket hanging down and the wall mount attached. Some rubber hose on the rear side of the bracket so the metal isn’t forced against the wall, and I have one “wall mounted” LCD that does not violate the lease (and a nifty shelf to put some crap on).

The paint is not complete, I basically primered it with a can of grey primer and a couple of cans of cheap-white, which has soaked into the edge of the MDF and left an unsatisfactory finish. I’m going to purchase some interior paint in a similar pigment to the wall at some point, take the shelf down, and paint it with a brush. One day!

In the mornings in summer, the sun is still low enough in the sky when I start work to flood the room with light (and heat, to a lesser extent), so I wanted to replace the “not entirely adequate” curtains with something heavier, but “blackout curtain” material is rather steep. I lucked out this weekend and at a yard sale found 1.5m worth (at about 1.8m tall) for five bucks, which leaves just enough light through at ground level to light up the room (and let the cat stare out).

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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