House: All moved in! Pity about the internet…

Our settlement day (Friday) came around, and while apparently typical our lender didn’t exactly inspire confidence: they did not accept the settlement until a mere 3 hours before settlement! It seems that this is the done thing at the moment, due to lenders being inundated with finance and refinance requests, but it sure as shit didn’t do our nerves any good - the entire process has gone suspiciously smooth and we spent the entire time waiting for bad news to drop.

Anyway, about 40 minutes after the scheduled time we got the call that everything went through perfectly. They even capitalized the conveyancer’s fees so we didn’t have to pay that with our cash, so we’re well in front already.

So we got the keys, the bug guy did the sprays we wanted done before we moved in, and after the place aired out we spent our first night in the new place with the absolute bare minimum we needed for the night. After a miserable night’s sleep (we brought air mattresses to sleep on and it was cold, so the mattress itself got cold, and then partially deflated due to the reduced air pressure), over to the old house to meet the movers and then pack everything into a truck. We left a handful of shit in the shed which we had to go collect today, and at about 3pm everything was at the new house that we really care about, with mostly trash left in the shed at the old place.

Our cat, Jemima, is adjusting well, which is a huge relief… she was an absolute nervous wreck when we moved into Pioneer Court!

We’ve got a bunch of things we’d like to do, and I have the next two days off… the primary thing to sort out is the internet situation: the speeds are okay but a bit substandard for what I think we should get given how close to the node we are, but more importantly it’s dropped out quite a few times since we moved in - not great for when I go back to work!

So we’ll have to sort out the internal wiring, which is highly suspect… the modem is plugged in to an RJ-11 plug, which goes into an adaptor for a type 605 plug! That’s ancient! I feel like our internet will be quite good if I can find the main distribution frame, eliminate the rest of the internal wiring, and then get some brand new cabling run to a brand new RJ-11 socket. While I’m at it we’ll run some ethernet cable, as I don’t currently have internet in my office (been too busy) and Sabriena and Duncan have internet by way of a blue cable running across our floor.

After that, what will we work on? I’m not sure yet… there’s certainly no rush, we expect to be here a while.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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