Gingerbread Party… again

For about the fourth or fifth year I think now, Sabriena has made gingerbread houses for us to decorate. The last couple of years, she’s asked Duncan to invite friends over, and this year somehow there were five kids in total.

So my absolute over-achiever wife spent the entire week baking construction gingerbread, organizing candy for decorations, and baking cookies that are edible (because the construction gingerbread is not). Yesterday was the day, so she spent the morning making up 7 batches of piping icing for decorating, while I left the car on the driveway and configured the garage as a suitable workstation.

It all went really well. There might be a day when these kids are “too old for this shit”, but we’re not there yet… I was surprised by how enthusiastically a bunch of early-teen kids participated. What I shouldn’t have been surprised by, but we absolutely were, was that due to the fact that the icing sugar is a bag of white fluid, the amount of jokes involving a certain bodily fluid one could hear in about 90 minutes was absolutely mind-boggling.

After everything was done, they played some Super Smash Bros until it was time for everyone to go home, so I think it was a pretty great day all up. Indeed, reading back on the previous year’s entry it seems as though it was basically the same thing but with two extra kids over!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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